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Frequentely Asked Questions

How can a financial advisor benefit you?

A financial advisor offers personalized guidance tailored to your financial goals, helping you navigate complex concepts, create a strategic plan, manage investments, and optimize taxes. They provide expertise in retirement planning, risk management, and estate planning, ensuring your financial well-being. By offering informed advice, behavior management, and ongoing monitoring, advisors bring peace of mind and help you make confident financial decisions while saving time and reducing stress.

Who does Gariano Wealth Management help best?

We are focused on helping mid-career professional and pre-retirees navigate life’s most important financial decisions. Whether you are exceling in your current career, or making a life change, we’re here to guide you into the next phase of your life.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, at Gariano Wealth Management we take the fiduciary standard very seriously. Being a fiduciary means that the financial advisor is legally required to act in the best interests of their clients when offering advice or managing their investments.

Are you currently accepting new clients?

Yes, we are currently accepting a limited number of new clients. At Gariano Wealth Management, we're committed to helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Whether you're looking for mid-career planning, retirement strategies, investment guidance, or comprehensive financial advice, we're here to provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

What can I expect from a communication standpoint once I become a client?

Our goal is to have an in-person or virtual review/future planning meeting at least annually, but some prefer semi-annually. In addition, our team will be reaching out quarterly as a “check in” to see if there is anything we can assist with. Lastly, the lines of communication are always wide open. Please call or email at any time to schedule some time to chat about anything on your mind.

How do I get started as a new client?

Feel free to send an email to or call 973-661-5041 to schedule your complimentary intro meeting.

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Is there a cost for our first meeting?

No, we provide a complimentary introductory meeting to see how we can help and if we are a good fit for you and your family.

Do you offer virtual consultations or only in-person meetings?

We would be happy to accommodate your personal preference, whether that
means virtually or in-person at our office.

How are your fees structured?

We are fee-based advisors, which means we sit on the same side of the table with our clients. Our firm ultimately does better when our clients do better.

What sets your firm apart from other financial advisors?

Our firm stands out through a combination of personalized attention, extensive expertise, and a commitment to transparency. We create customized financial strategies that align with your unique goals and circumstances, ensuring that your journey is tailored to you. Our team's deep knowledge, diverse skill set, and fiduciary responsibility prioritize your best interests at all times. We emphasize clear communication, educational resources, and a long-term partnership that evolves with your changing needs, ultimately fostering trust and confidence in every step of your financial journey.

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Gariano Wealth Management is family focused, working with individuals and families from all stages of life. 

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