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Financial planning is an ongoing process that provides direction for achieving your goals through proper management of your financial situation. It takes a holistic view of your lifestyle, your needs and your priorities. A financial plan is a tool used to analyze your current financial situation and provide recommendations to help you achieve your life and family goals.

You are never too old, too young, too wealthy or too poor to engage in financial planning. Your goals may be different but at each life stage, it is important to have a road map to assist you in achieving them. 

1. Initial Conversation

Usually done via phone, this step is where we get acquainted to one another. We want to hear all about your financial situation as well as current life events. Our process, as well as fee structure, will be discussed during this session.

2. Fact Finding/Discovery Session

This is usually the first in-person meeting where we obtain key information on the life of the client. We will have a financial questionnaire as well as risk assessment form available to accurately gather information and assess risk tolerance level. Client’s goals and objectives are also discussed during this step.

3. Construction of Financial Plan

Once all pertinent information is gathered from the client, we will then construct a personalized financial plan designed specifically for that individual or family. During this stage of the process, we may need additional information that was not discussed during the Fact Finding session. We want the client to have an active role in the financial planning process, therefore further dialogue may be necessary.

4. Review of Financial Plan with Client

After completion of the comprehensive financial plan, it will then be reviewed and discussed in depth with the client/family. If updates need to be made to the initial plan, they will be completed during this step.

5. Implementation of Financial Plan

We outline our recommendations in a simple and easy to read format. Once reviewed with the client, we will then begin the necessary steps to implement the plan.

6. Ongoing Monitor/Review

A financial plan is a road map to financial security. Once we map out this path, it is important that we implement and continue to monitor the progress towards reaching his/her financial goals. An annual review will be conducted to review the progress of the plan, as well as to see if anything has changed in the previous year.